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TORONTO, ONT (March 9, 2018) –Arctic Zone, California Innovations’ flagship brand, introduces its new line of lunch bags designed for today’s healthy lifestyle. This segment is all about promoting healthy eating by packing lunch and snacks at home with nutrient rich foods.

The collection includes an easy to use portion control line for adults focused on weight loss. This 16 piece color-coded system features food group labels and large volume markings that can be adjusted for various calorie intakes based on the number of containers used.

Why get into the Healthy Lunch category? VP, Product Management, Greg Anger explains, “It was a natural fit to get into this category. We’re happy that healthy eating is now a trending topic. Making insulated bags that allow you to safely carry your food is what we do best”.

Arctic Zone’s collection also includes bags and containers for kids.  Jennifer Renzetti, Senior Product Manager for the Back to School category at Arctic Zone explains “Unlike the portion control bags, this segment is not about losing weight or controlling portions, it’s about fostering a healthy relationship with food. As a mother, it’s a great reminder on a daily basis to add color to your lunch, and in turn, all the right nutrients”.

This unique segment features a colorful 8-piece food container set with soft lids that are easy for kids to open. The colors are bright and fun, and the container sizes are parent approved to accommodate the types of foods and quantities their kids eat.

The collection also includes both Multi-Meal Prep and Meal Prep lunch bags, that provide a less regimented system than Portion Control. The Multi-Meal Prep profile is designed to look like a stylish gym bag. It features a 15-piece leak proof bento container set, great for people who are training or on a special diet. The Meal Prep profile also features a 15 piece leak-proof bento container set with large volume markings, but does not include food group labels. This segment is great for people who pack leftovers or combine different food groups (ie: sandwiches, stir-fry, pasta salad, etc.).

Arctic Zone will be located in booth S4266 in the South building at the 2018 International Home & Housewares Show. Along with the Healthy Lunch Collection, the booth will also showcase other segments of the Back to School line including Core, Kid’s, Freezables, Classics, Fashion, Titan Deep Freeze, Food Pro and Columbia.

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About Arctic Zone
California Innovations was launched in 1986 with a mission to create innovative, insulated products. In 2005, it acquired Arctic Zone, a leading Chicago based insulated products company that shared a passion for innovation. Today Arctic Zone is the worldwide market leader in soft sided coolers and lunch packs with decades of experience and expertise. Offices are located in Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and Shenzhen.